Mostafa Photography is Capturing the Memories of BConnected Conference 2017


Whether you attend an event or are following it as it happens, great photography is needed to capture every moment to create great memories. This is especially important at a conference. From the opening remarks to the final goodbyes of the 2017 BConnected Conference, all of the laughter and learning will be snapped by Mostafa Photography, the official photographer of this year’s event!



Mostafa Azizpour made the trip across the world from Australia to Toronto in 2016. Through his career, he has shot over 600 portraits and 300 events. Some of the more notable photography assignments Mostafa had was being the officially photographing former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot and Australia’s National Living Treasure Thomas Keneally.



Mostafa has a lot of experience in various areas of photography. He has photographed for weddings, engagements, portraits, fashion and events. His PhD in English Literature and his love of traveling has allowed Mostafa to work on his portfolio. He has photographed weddings from over 23 countries. These experiences have also allowed Mostafa to pick up several different language at different levels of fluency that include Persian, English, Mandarin Chinese, Swedish, Russian and Turkish just to name a few.



Want to learn more about Mostafa Photography?  You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages!

We are really excited to have Mostafa Photography as the official photographer of the 2017 BConnected Conference! We cannot wait to see how he will choose to capture the action and fun of this year’s event.