How to Promote Your Blog Posts without Spam

How to Promote Your Blog Posts without Spam

Promoting your blog posts is just as important as writing them. In fact, some people will even debate that it’s more important. You can write the best post in the world but if no one ever sees it, what will it matter? This is why promotion is key to a successful blog.

That said, promoting with spam can be the death of your blog. No one wants to have your blog posts shoved into their faces again and again and no one wants to be tricked or baited into clicking on something because of spam.

Here’s how you can promote your blog posts without spam:

Share to your social channels – People don’t want to be marketed to, sold to, or lied to but if you have created social channels for your blog, this is the right place to share things. If you’ve written a new post, share away!

Answer questions – If your content legitimately answers a question or offers solutions to a problem, feel free to drop that link where appropriate.

Pin it – Pinterest is a great source of traffic for bloggers. Be sure you include great, Pinterest-friendly images and that you pin all of your posts and make it easy for others to pin them as well.

These are just a few tips to promoting your blogs in a spam-free way but there are many more out there to try. With these tips in mind, you should be able to do a better job of promoting your blog posts and you don’t have to spam anyone to get the results you’re looking for.

Do you have any useful tips on how to promote your blog posts without spam? Please share with your fellow bloggers as we would love to hear them. Please write them in the comment below.

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