Jennifer Perry

Jennifer Perry is the creative genius behind That’s So Social, a company that she built to answer the call of businesses that need help and guidance with online communication. As a professional consultant, Jenn works one on one with companies to develop and implement their online presence and social strategies. She takes pride in building the confidence and knowledge levels of her clients so that they can measure the success of their online efforts and ensure that their great customer service translates into the online marketplace.

Jenn is also a freelance writer and blogger whose passion for the written word began in her early teens when she self-published a music magazine. She developed a love for web design by building fan sites on Geocities after her parents bought her the book “HTML for Dummies”. She now shares her ramblings and stories about her family on her blog That’s What She Said. Her passion for travel writing has led to the launch of her newest project, Travel Mavens which is a collaborative blog for women to share how they #TravelLikeAGirl.



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