Christine Culley

Christine has been freelancing online since 2007 as an independent freelancer and entrepreneur. She’s built up her portfolio, tested her skills in just about every niche market and is continuously testing new marketing avenues.

As an experienced SEO specialist & affiliate marketer, Christine has taken the time to learn many different aspects within the industry. Whether generating articles with SEO intent or doing various blog commenting for a little added marketing; she is busy learning as she goes.

Christine has been the face of several different websites and organizations including the owner of self-branded and creator of, as well as the social media mastermind for several major brands including PTPA Media and western based

Outside of Christine’s career she is your typical parent, addicted to all things video games (yes she is a gamer), hitting up local concerts when able and juggling the busy lives of her two children and family. She is your down to earth, extremely busy Mom, entrepreneur and coffee addict!

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