Connect with Erica Ehm as a Keynote Speaker at BConnected!



One of the aims of social media is to be able to connect with the world. The more creative and authentic you can be with your audience, the more success you will have with engaging with followers and creating more traffic to your site. One person who knows all about connecting brands and people is Erica Ehm. She is a rock star in the world of social media who wants to show all facets of parenthood. The 2017 BConnected Conference is excited that Erica will be a part of our event to connect with our attendees!

Erica Ehm is all about showing the all of the sides of being a modern mom. She shares this side of parenting through her blog Yummy Mommy Club as its creator/publisher. The site is aimed at empowering moms to want to be seen as more than just a mom.

Erica also heads Ehm & Co, a digital publisher and marketing firm, focused on creating connections between brands and Canadian moms. They have been cultivating these connections for over 10 years. Why focus on moms? Moms are social and love to be in touch with what’s happening. They also love finding solutions to make their world easier and will share what they find useful to other moms.

We are pleased that Erica will be connecting with us at the 2017 BConnected Conference in Toronto! She will be sharing with our attendees in a session entitled “7 Inconvenient Truths of Succeeding as an Influencer” as a Keynote Speaker! Since clients have raised the bar as to what they expect of influencers to provide and execute, Erica will dish about the difficulties we as influences face and tips on how to improve your skills, be accepted for campaigns and provide professional results to enhance your brand.

Want to find out more about Erica Ehm? You can learn more about her at Yummy Mommy Club and Ehm & Co! You can also connect with her on her Twitter and Instagram pages!