Barnyard Studio du Coin – The Official Photographer of the 2016 BConnected Conference!



Located in Rockland, Ontario, Barnyard Studio du Coin is a bilingual photo studio that calls a farm home. Their team of photographers come from varied backgrounds and their journey into photography is as unique as the work they produce.



The photographers of Barnyard Studio du Coin all share one thing – a passion for photography. Photographer Lynne Rollin spent half of her life in Nunavut and her adventures of her time there are chronicled in stunning images, some of which you can view on her website.

nadine lamoureux

Fellow photographer Nadine Lamoureux also spent time in Canada’s North and although her love of photography came at an early age it is only recently that she has turned that passion into a career. You can find information on all of the talented Barnyard Studio photographers on their website: Once there be sure to view the magnificent images of barnyard animals, breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable family portraits.

In addition to taking pictures, Barnyard Studio du Coin also offers photography workshops! For more information on these, please visit:



  1. Brenda A says:

    Photography is such a wonderful art. Lynne has an incredible talent!