5 Handy Tips For Handling Negative Comments on Your Blog



No one like handling negative comments on their blog. Maybe you said something that unintentionally came across as combative? Maybe the reader misunderstood something? Maybe you intended to share an opinion that would result in others sharing their own opinion, and some stepped way over the line? For whatever reason, you’re stuck having to moderate those negative comments. Here’s some tips to help handle negative comments on your blog, and keep your reputation in the green with your readers.

5 Handy Tips For Handling Negative Comments on Your Blog

1. Triage negative comments when you’re moderating them.

If you ever run into a post that has several negative comments from various readers, address the easier issues first. This will allow you to take a moment to re-think a response that could add fuel to the harsher comments.

It’s really easy to get mad when your work and opinion is being picked on. However, the first response should never be to fight anger with anger. Take a moment to cool off by handling other comments that are either positive, or less abrasive.

2. Approach the comment with respect and gratitude.

Respect and gratitude for your visitors are both important things to remember. Other people aren’t obligated to visitor your website, let alone leave a comment. Before replying to a comment, proof your comment, and make sure it doesn’t come across as offensive.

Also, with most comments, try thanking your visitors for leaving a comment. It tends to make them want to come back.

3. Never tolerate name calling or profanity when the commentator address you, or another person who left a comment.

This type of behavior should never be acceptable, or it could really ruin your blog from growing. People don’t like to see a lot of negative activity, and will avoid it. If you’re allowing people to participate in profanity and name calling to yourself or your other readers, you’ve deterred people from wanting to interact on your blog posts.

4. If the issue that they are angry about, are about information you’ve given that they’ve pointed out as false, research, and correct the issue.

Mistakes happen in blogging, but there’s no need to get angry over them. After you’ve confirmed whether the information is true or false, thank the reader for helping you improve your article. If they are wrong, still thank them, but give them a link to a credible source or two, that will back up the information that confirm that your own article was correct.

5. If the person has become totally unreasonable, block them from your website.

Some people love a good argument. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. They will continue to become a problem. In this case, banning them from your entire website may be necessary. Also, in case they decide to bring the conversation to social media, simple report and block them on those channels too.

Have you ever had any negative comments on your blog?  Tell us about it.

How did you handle them?